A small but eclectic group has now formed. We will have our first meeting on Friday 3rd November at 4pm, at Birkbeck College, room 261, in which we will discuss Walter Benjamin’s “Theses on the Philosophy of History”.

It is a very short but intriguing text. The standard Harry Zorn translation is available, among other places, in the Illuminations collection published by Random House. The full text is also available here with plenty of background links (whose reliability I cannot vouch for) and here is more background, for those like myself who are new to Benjamin.

I know that one of you definitely can’t do Fridays so we may try to rotate the day, but it seemed like the day that most people can do. Also since the British Library closes at 5, it seems like a good slot for us.

261 is the History seminar room and is on the second floor of the extension building, next door to the History faculty office. Enter Birkbeck’s main building from either Malet Street or Torrington Square, take lift B to the second floor and follow the signs. If you don’t know, Birkbeck is [1] on the map below.



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