PhiloHist III – Hegel Strikes Back

November 22, 2006


After fevered discussions here at PhiloHist Towers, we have decided that we need to grapple with Hegel as our next task, so for the final two sessions of term we will read Jean Hyppolite’s, Introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy of History (Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 1996). It is about 75 pages, so we will spread it over two meetings.

For Friday 1st December, please read parts 1, 2 and 3. We will meet as usual at 4pm in Room 261.

Please get in touch if you need a copy of the text.




Cumulative Bibliography

November 8, 2006

As promised, here is a bibliography of some of the works discussed at the meetings, as well as those we might like to look at in the future. We can build the list as “comments”, below, so please feel free to add more as they occur to you by making further ‘comments’ to this post.



November 8, 2006

If anyone wants a little optional background reading on Nietzsche, I came across David D. Roberts’s book, Nothing But History: Reconstruction and Extremity after Metaphysics (Berkeley, 1995), in which Chapter 4 is about Nietzsche’s views on history. Fortunately you can actually read the whole book online. It looks interesting on other topics too and may be worth looking over in general.

Also on Walter Benjamin, I found this:



November 7, 2006

We will meet for the second time in Birkbeck, Room 261 at 4pm on Friday 10th November. We will continue to look at Benjamin’s “Theses on the Philosophy of History” as well as Nietzsche’s fragment, “On the Use and Abuse of History for Life”, so please re-cast an eye over Benjamin and look at Nietzsche beforehand. You can find the Nietzche in a CUP edition of his Untimely Meditations or here.

Daniel Wilson


November 6, 2006

Here are the rough proceedings of our first meeting and here is the angel of history, for anyone who hasn’t looked back at it before: klee_angelus.jpg