Hegel’s Introduction

January 7, 2007

For our first meeting of term, then, we will look at Hegel’s Introduction to his Lectures on the Philosophy of History (sometimes translated as ‘World History’). The standard English edition is translated by JM Sibree and is available in┬ámany versions, including a 1991 edition (Buffalo, NY) and online either here or here, with a PDF version of the whole book available here.

If you are in any doubt about which sections to look at, please get in touch.


Spring Dates

January 5, 2007

As Spring approaches, put the following dates in your diaries, for our meetings this term:

– Friday 2nd February
– Friday 23rd February
– Friday 23rd March

5pm in Room 261 at Birkbeck College.
Tea and Biscuits as usual.


January 4, 2007

Thanks to everyone who came and contributed during the autumn term. We plan to continue with Hegel in the new year, details will be confirmed shortly.